10 Tips for Moving Across Country

As exciting as moving is, the task is not easy. The journey to your final destination across the country involves packing up your entire household, coordinating the moving process to settling into your house, changing your address and many other necessary to-dos.

The upfront work is extensive and can move forward without any hiccups. However, moving across country has been recognised as the toughest type of residential moving. It is not impossible, but there may be more challenges than you expect. 

To save you from entering a state of panic, here are 10 simple, straightforward and affordable tips to ease the intense transitional period.

Create a Moving Checklist

Whether you are moving to a neighbouring area or across country, a multitude of tasks awaits you. To quiet down that overwhelming feeling, a day-by-day or week-by-week moving checklist can help you to personalise and prioritise moving jobs

A checklist assists with minimising any pre-moving chores, while taking control of the time you have to complete everything on the list.

packing stuff

Lessen the Load

When packing to moving across country, you suddenly realise how much stuff you have. As you start packing, use the opportunity to liberate belongings that you no longer need. Think of it as a fresh start for when you move into your new house. 

You can make quick progress by dividing your stuff into three piles – keep, donate and sell. There are many apps that you can use for items you want to sell. The apps allow you to sell different items and connect with buyers in your area.

Pack your TV Properly

Valuables, such as a television, need to be packed with extra care and consideration. Movers can easily mistake your TV as other furniture, which is why you need to wrap your TV in quilted TV pads. 

If you don’t have the original TV box, wooden crates are required. Do not lay your TV down flat. Double box the valuable item and stand it up straight. 

Write Your Name on Each Box

The potential nuisance with transporting your belongings across the country with a moving truck is that it may be misplaced and land in the hands of other families. To prevent this from happening, label every box with your name. You can add your phone number too.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Some people prefer to pack and move their own home necessities. Others prefer to save valuable time and hire movers who specialise in moving across the country. 

The calculated distances of moving across country can be alarming and add to your anxiety of moving such a large load of valuables on your own. Top-rated cross-country movers know how to move a household without problems.

Keep an Essentials Bag

On the day that you move, it is important to have an essentials bag or suitcase with you. Some essentials include toothbrushes, medication, toiletries, clothing, important documents, a tool kit, clothing and more. A more descriptive list can be found here.

Address Change

Thanks to technology, changing your address after you move is an easy process. An online website that focuses on address changing can not only help you to change your address, but ensure that you receive snail mail and choose the date you want to start forwarding mail to your new location. 

driving across country

Moving with Children

Moving across the country with children does come with more worries and difficulties. However, by thinking of the challenges ahead, the relocating experience can be prepared for.

Most importantly, reassure your children that they are safe and should be excited for their new life – to explore, learn and grow.

Travelling with your Pet

Pets, just like with children and cross-country moving, will have your hands full. They have their own set of needs for moving. Your animal friend must feel safe and calm before and during the move. Check the health of your pet before moving and keep their same routine throughout the moving process. 

Meet the Neighbours

Once your move across the country has been successful and you feel more settled, take some time to explore the surroundings and introduce yourself to your neighbours. 

Find out where the local coffee show is and perhaps you’ll get more information about the area and its happenings. 

Moving is hard and time consuming. The fun begins once your last box is unpacked. If anyone offers to show you around your new area, say yes and enjoy the tour!