7 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone reaches a point in their life when they must make a move. A literal pack-up-my-life move. And when that time comes, you better be prepared in every way, for every possibility. There are a plethora of steps between where you are now and your new place. It is time to check your list and avoid these moving mistakes.

1. Moving Solo 

There is no shame in admitting you need help, especially when moving. Usually, there is too much to do, too little time, and it is physically demanding and mentally overwhelming. Most people think they can save money by moving solo, but this is not always the case. 

A big move requires a big effort and professionals who know how to pack, carry, transport and successfully oversee a move with minimal economic risk involved. 

moving boxes

2. Underestimation 

Do not fool yourself over the amount of work involved in moving. Take the time to fully prepare yourself and your family for what is to come. Creating a timeline will help visualise what needs to be done and save your mind from reeling through your beauty sleep. 

Set realistic goals that fit your daily schedule and provide enough time to clean up, pack, organise, transfer, clean up (yes, again) and unpack. 

3. Failure to Pre-Plan Effectively

Moving requires more preparation than most anticipate, hence, pre-preparation. It is the process of cleaning up and clearing out your belongings. Downscaling is not the only moving-related reason to form throw-out, donate and keep piles. 

Once the decision to move is made, every room in the house undergoes a spring clean. Clothing, furniture, appliances – if it was not touched in the last year – let it go. You will save time, money, and stress when moving day arrives. 

4. Improper Preparation 

Now that you’ve cleared out the unnecessary, you can start preparing. Gather boxes, newspapers, labels, and create a packing checklist for an organised move. Consider which items can go straight into the moving truck, boxes to pack at the back, unlike those you will need easy access to, and last-minute essentials to transport in your vehicles.

It sounds daunting, but you will make unpacking easier. There is nothing worse than needing the box of utensils to eat your first meal in the new home, and not being able to find them. 

5. Only Getting One Quote

The rule-of-thumb in construction is “measure twice, cut once”. When moving, never quote once because you will pay too much and have extra, unexpected costs. Research multiple moving companies and check online reviews before you consider one for hire. Source quotes from at least three companies and ensure they cover all your bases before committing. 

Save yourself money and stress by triple-checking the measurements of your container. It is easy to over or underestimate required space and fall victim to overpaying for a container you cannot fill or scrambling for another available container. 

Additionally, it is best to find an insurance plan through the moving company you hire or through an outside party. For your sanity, ensure the condition and security of your belongings as they are transported.

moving mistakes to avoid

6. Disregarding Safety Measures 

Stubbed toes, slammed fingers and paper cuts might be your standard moving injuries, but the physicality of heavy furniture requires safe practices (further solidifying the necessity for industry professionals). 

Moving companies have the knowledge, experience and equipment to lift and manoeuvre large items without hurting themselves or causing expensive damage to the walls and floors in the process. 

Moreover, the moving day sees a steady stream of people moving in and out of your home. Keep tabs on who is in your moving team and where all your belongings have been assigned and relocated.

7. Leaving in a Hurry 

Remember the discussion of underestimation and the amount of work that goes into moving, which included cleaning up, again?

Well, this simply means you need to clean up after yourself. Take a moment to consider the next family to rent or move into your old place and how you would prefer to find the state of your new home. 

Take a day to do it yourself or hire a cleaning service. It is common decency to take a vacuum and a mop and dust the dirty corners of your home that have been hiding under your furniture.

Not to mention, it is the literal interpretation of a clean slate that finalises your move and starts your new adventure. Now, take a deep breath and get your move on.