Tips on How to Move a Fridge by Yourself

Are you preparing to move your refrigerator by yourself? Moving across country and need help loading your fridge onto a trailer? Then you should read on, especially if you want to save cash and not injure yourself in the process.

Let’s be honest, we rarely give our refrigerators a second thought, even as we sneak a late-night snack from it or slap on another ornate magnet. But that all changes when it’s time to move this cool beast. 

According to Appliance Analysts, while it varies on type, an average home refrigerator weighs around 250lbs (113.40kgs). Although the size and weight may be daunting, you’ll be moving your fridge like an expert with these expert tips:

Easy Indoors Solution

Whether you’re moving your fridge a short distance in the same room or to your new home,  it’s best to first empty all its contents. This includes all foodstuff, ice cube trays or items that will move around and shift weight. And don’t forget your prized collection of magnets. Now you’re ready for the easy part.

  • If there’s no undercarriage rollers, move your fridge away from the wall by clutching it on both sides and gently rocking it from side to side to walk it forward.
  • Most modern refrigerators have wheels on the back for easy moving but there’s always to risk of leaving a trail of scratch marks on your pristine floors. With the assistance of a partner, simply tilt the front portion of your fridge up off the floor stick “furniture glides,” to the front feet.  
  • A moving dolly is recommended for moving your fridge more than a few feet forward. Position it so that the refrigerator is tilting sideways rather than front-to-back. Tilt the fridge so that the feet on one side are a couple of inches off the floor, then slide the dolly underneath it. 
moving a fridge

Up or Downstairs

So, you are ready to move your fridge into your new apartment and that should be pretty easy – except for those darn stairs. Take a breath and remember that however impossible the task may seem can do it in three simple steps. 

Partner Up

Partner up with a friend, relative or a fellow resident if you’re going to move your fridge up or downstairs. An assistant is useful as one person will have to manage the fridge from above while the other guides it from below.

moving a fridge by yourself

Size Matters

Size matters when moving your fridge into a new place, so carry a tape measure to check if the fridge will fit in the stairwell and through the front door. In the event that your fridge has French doors, positioning it sideways rather than front-to-back (as mentioned above) is useful.

Handling the Dolly

Once your fridge is on the moving dolly and secure with the straps, tilt it back to a 45-degree angle. With one person on the dolly’s handle and stabilising the fridge from the top, and the person pushing on the bottom, gently move one up step at a time. This method also applies when moving when traversing down steps.

These are just two scenarios of safely moving your fridge. However, there is a lot more that goes into moving your appliance from one home to the next. This includes preparing to move a refrigerator, protecting your refrigerator for longer moves, and loading a refrigerator into a pickup truck or hired trailer.